Модуль CX5120

Модуль CX5120
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The CX5120 has an Intel Atom® single-core processor with a clock rate of 1.46 GHz. The hardware interfaces in this series are oriented and implemented identically to those of the existing CX5000 series. Two independent, Gigabit-capable Ethernet interfaces as well as four USB 2.0 and a DVI-I interface are available. A multitude of further connection options or gateway functions are created by an optional interface, which can be pre-fitted in the factory, as well as the I/O level, which can selectively consist either of E-bus or K-bus terminals.

The CX5120 is characterized by low power consumption and fanless design.

Depending on the installed TwinCAT runtime environment, the CX5120 can be used for implementing PLC or PLC/motion control projects with or without visualization. The execution of motion control applications with interpolating axis movements is also possible.

Like the CX5000, the CX5100 series has a compact design; a modular device with extension modules like in the CX2000 series is not available.

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